Monday, March 12, 2007


Robert Lee Johnson our second child and first born son was a fun little fellow to raise. He was naturally happy and smiling. As he grew in childhood, he was a kind considerate person who was always thinking of the good of others. It was interesting to watch him grow and choose the “better part”. He seemed to be born with a built in sense of right and wrong.

The Lord blessed Robert with a special, kind, loving, sensitive personality. There was no question that Robert was a leader, but a very special blessed one. Leading just came natural to him and he was conscious of others and their needs.

Robert made sure his little siblings were well cared for and watched over. When the children played a game of Wiffle Ball the small ones always got a turn and the game was on the little child’s level. During the small ones time at bat, the ball was pitched slow and right over the batting plate so the little child could hit the ball. Oh yes, and there was no set number of pitches to get the child out. Sometimes the number of pitches could go as high as five or six. And a wondrous thing happened, when the small child hit the big soft spongy ball. The ball never arrived at the base before the child. The little one was always safe on base and there was lots of laughter cheering, and fun.

As he grew in childhood, he was a kind considerate person. One day he came home from first grade at the Grandview Elementary School and related the following story. At recess a fellow student was being teased by the other boys. He was teased because his skin was very brown. The little fellow was crying and feeling so sad. Robert said I told the kids, “You leave him alone. He has a very good sun tan.” The teasing stopped and Robert reported, “Then I went to play with my new found friend.”

At Parent Teacher Conference Mrs. Clark, the First Grade teacher, reported the story to us. And her comments were complimentary and praising of Robert. “Robert surely helped that his student. The little Mexican boy has not had any more problems in our class. Robert is a definite leader in our class room. He is a good leader and a real asset to our first grade.

The Lord sent us a special boy when he sent us Robert and we love him.

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